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Organization development

Lhak-Sam members, especially the committed ones who had a desire and devotion to help others, have been provided with numerous trainings related to HIV work in different fields with technical assistance from different backgrounds of expertise. Majority of Lhak-Sam members have actively participated in the capacity building training; they have gained great deal of experiences and learned new knowledge on HIV and AIDS. Lhak- Sam has provided its members an opportunity to attend Meetings, conference, training workshops and consultation within and outside the country .They have also been send on Study tour to Nepal, India, and Bangkok to study local PLHIV network establishment and its functions, their success stories and challenges based on their experiences, including HIV law and policies.

The current staff of Lhak-Sam has acquired the knowledge and capacity to take forward the organization vision with enough confidence and potentiality in their respective position and responsibilities. The knowledge and experiences gained by the active members are passed down to the other members in the districts through training workshops. Sharing the knowledge and experiences to the newer and younger generation is aimed at ensuring capacity consistency within the organization when older generation takes the back seat.

In networking, Lhak-Sam had made a tremendous achievement; covered 17 districts by 8 PLHIV members, raising its membership to 107 out of 225 currently recorded as living with HIV in the country. Before conducting networking outreach activities, while respecting procedures and confidentiality policy, Lhak-Sam formally sought National AIDS Control Program (NACP), Department of Public Health (DoPH) approval to reach out to other PLHIV through district health HIV-focal person who is directly responsible for the health and confidentiality of those PLHIV in their districts. Those PLHIV who gave consent were contacted through the district health HIV focal person and met when and where they wished depending on their comfort level. Some times to meet one HIV positive person in the district it takes a week of negotiation, because of strong self stigma. During the networking outreach activities Most of the positive people were very much amazed and happy to meet one of their kinds living positively, and comfortably shared the biggest secret that they carried in their heart for a long time.

When the HIV-positive people at various districts were met the opportunity was taken to meet up with many affected family members who already knew the HIV-status of their dear ones, and encouraged them to accept and support them. Lhak-Sam provides positive counseling to the PLHIV to live positively with dignity, access the available treatment services on time and how to try and challenge self-stigma.