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Care and support

Physical, mental, social and spiritual care and support within the circle of compassion towards PLHIV is a must for them to remain healthy and productive within their family and community with confident feelings of security. Having recognized the essentially of care and support to improve the lives of PLHIV, disadvantaged positive people were provided with Travel support to seek needful treatment services including their positive children, Minimal education support to positive children including orphans, Nutritional Support to positive people while admitted to hospital. Financial support to purchase medicines and commodities and also helped in capacity building. In the future Lhak-Sam is hoping to have a palliative care unit for the PLHIV to provide optimal care and support within the framework of rights to quality holistic health care.

Lhak-Sam has carried out Home visit to offer psycho-social support and follow up on the PLHIV members especially to isolated areas that were critical for their empowerment. Outreach worker/peer educators of Lhak-Sam go and reach them to Provide psycho-social peer counseling, Educate them on treatment ,Escort them to hospitals and link them with HIV treating doctors, lab technicians etc. Visit them while they are admitted at the hospital, Monthly telephone follow up to understand their health conditions and Referral to the regional and national hospitals whenever necessary. To enable outreach work to all those in need more efficiently at any point of a time, situations and circumstances His Holiness Telku Jigme Chodda has donated a sum of Ngultrum 7.5 lakhs during the 2013 World AIDs day to purchase a Mahindra Bolero .